My mission is to offer high quality crystals for healing purposes, especially for healers and therapists and also for those who demand Mother Earth’s tools with its original energetic frequency.

If you are a healer looking for therapeutic quality crystals, you have arrived home. Welcome.

The store Crystal Healing & Crafts Store is not an esoteric shop, it is exclusively dedicated to Crystal Healing and therapeutic crystals and not only for decorative purposes. Thus, all crystals from synthetic origin, stones with polymers mixed, chemical tumbling or pigmented tainted minerals, are excluded, as its frequency would be altered.

Our Values

In this store, I demand knowing every mineral’s origin, supporting fair trade, local extraction and Mother’s Earth respect.

No minerals are attained from big companies, nor from anyone who wouldn’t know the origin and quality of every mineral piece. I am fully aware of the reality of the treatment to which these minerals undergo since their extraction in the mine.  The way I see it, buying large quantities in large companies and distributors does not always mean quality, respect for the subsoil (massive extractions) and respect for the work of people who daily are subjected to total inhumanity so that these amounts of minerals reach the warehouse and then the house of each of us.

Being fully aware of these facts, I could NEVER open a shop and sell minerals other than for therapeutic use, which dignify my mission, minerals that are true, pure in their energetic emission, in their molecular integrity and of just and known origin.

Crystal Healing & Crafts Store offers high quality minerals, suitable for any and all aspects of integrative healing, ranging from application in FengShui, elixirs, meditations, personal use, reduction of electromagnetic pollution, among others. Another form of application of mineral energy, in addition to the previous ones, and which I consider very interesting, is the exclusive selection, oriented to the individual according to his uniqueness and will. Our minerals are certified by the Portuguese Association of Crystal Therapy, as they are genuine and suitable for therapeutic purposes.

So, I am proud to be the pioneer in this country to invoke and to have as premise these values that I have previously mentioned! As the president of the Portuguese Association of Crystal Therapy, I could not be more honoured to be at the forefront of this 11year mission to dignify Crystal Therapy in our country and internationally.

One more step, one more victory, against every obstacle ... who vibrates in the light, has the paths open. Gratitude!

I thank all those who inspire me, my family, friends, my dear students, musicians who inspire me and, of course, our beautiful PanchaMama. Thank you! Blessed be. 


Joana Pinto  


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